ASTHA UV-106M5 Fake Note Detector Machine

ASTHA UV-106M5 professional fake note detector machine has powerful ultraviolet light detector, auto on/off sensor, automatic UV sensor, compact and portable design, magnetic detection, fluorescent light for watermark verification, simultaneous UV and watermark verification function, large magnifier for micro-printing verification, folding stand for angled viewing, counterfeit banknotes / ID card and bills detection, UV detection, magnify glass, white light and MG detection, KB-104 with magnify glass 5x, KB-104D with two magnify glass 10x, 2 x 6W UV lamp, 6W white light, weight 1.3 kg, dimension 270 x 150 x 145 mm, power supply 110V or 220V AC50/60Hz. Great for banks, Small Offices, Shop, Bars, Gas Stations, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Movie Theaters and anywhere cash Transactions take place.


  • Compact and small design, easy and convenient for use.
  • Help you to avoid the ultraviolet light damage your eyes directly.
  • UV light detection: 2pcs 6W ultraviolet tube, more accurate.
  • Check the authenticity of money and credit cards, trace all types of fluorescent marks.
  • Support multiple paper currency in the world.
  • Can also detect credit/debit/ID cards, passports, driving licenses and other official documents.
  • To support the currency: Yuan , Brunei Ringgit, Romania Ron, Vietnamese dong, Cambodian Riel, Canadian dollar, Ringgit Malaysia, Korea Won, NZD, AUD, NGN, Thai baht, HK , Singapore Dollar, Taiwan dollar, Dollar, Euro, Japanese yen , British pound, Securities, Invoices, etc.





Place of Origin


Place of Assembly 


Display for Counting

3 digits LED

Counting Speed

600 notes/min

Bank Note Size

50 x 100 mm - 90 x 175 mm

Hopper Capacity

120 sheets

Stacker Capacity

120 sheets  

Batching Capability



4 x AA

Power Supply

AC110-240V DC 6V 2W

Storage temp/humi

0~40 °C, 40~90%humidity


102mm x 190mm x 75mm

Box Dimension

135mm x 210mm x 100mm




  • Come with carrying case
  • AC-adapter
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Extra Belt

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