ASTHA UV-106M10 Fake Note Detector Machine

ASTHA UV-106M10 Professional Counterfeit Note Detector Machine has powerful Fake Money Detection System checks ultraviolet light detector, magnetic detection, fluorescent light for watermark verification function and micro-printing security features. Additionally, the large magnifier for micro-printing verification, folding stand for angled viewing, counterfeit banknotes / ID card and bills detection, UV detection, magnify glass, white light and MG detection, counterfeit detector is equipped with an auto on/off sensor, an enlarged magnifying glass and with the capabilities of checking check for ultraviolet and watermark features simultaneously. This analyzer includes a folding stand for angled viewing for convenience and to protect the user from UV-ray exposure.

Protect your money  for banks, Small Offices, Shop, Bars, Gas Stations, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Movie Theaters and anywhere cash Transactions take place.


  •  Compact and Portable Design
  • Powerful Ultraviolet light detector
  • Automatic UV sensor, Magnetic detection
  • Fluorescent light for watermark verification
  • Simultaneous UV and watermark verification function
  • Large Magnifier for micro-printing verification
  • Folding stand for angled viewing
  • Help you to avoid the ultraviolet light damage your eyes directly
  • Hassle free performance
  • Check the authenticity of money and credit cards, trace all types of fluorescent marks.
  • Support multiple paper currency in the world.
  • Can also detect credit/debit/ID cards, passports, driving licenses and other official documents.

Place of OriginHong Kong
Place of AssemblyChina
Magnify Glass

KB-104:with Magnify glass(5X)

KB-104D:With Two Magnify glass(10X)

UV Lamp
2 Lamp 06 Watt
Dimension270×150×145 mm
Power Supply220V, 50hz, 8 Amp


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