The KX-TES824E is initially configured to 3 exchange lines and 8 extensions. With optional cards you can easily expand the capacity up to 8 exchange lines and 24 extensions.The system is ideal for a Small Office Home Office and comes with features like Direct Inward System Access, Extension Caller ID, Voice Message Card.

KX-TES824 is supplied configured for 3 lines and 8 extensions, and can be expanded to a maximum configuration of 8 lines and 24 extensions. DISA/Message on busy is a new feature as is Extension CLI (option) and USB for PC programming. The new Panasonic KX-TES824 offers a superb solution for most small to medium size businesses. Features include group working, system speed dials, personal speed numbers, internal / external music-on-hold, paging and auto-attendant.

The KX-TES824 Control Unit provides an initial capacity for three exchange lines and eight extensions but with the addition of cards can easily expand up to eight exchange lines and twenty-four extensions. Extensions can be standard telephones, cordless phones or Panasonic System-Phones

Please note: this system requires 1 x Panasonic KX-T7730 display phone for programming (shown below) all other handset can be KX-T handsets or standard corded/cordless phones. It is also recommended that a Panasonic Qualified engineer installs the system.

  • Automatic fax transfer
  • Automatic pause insertion
  • Call forwarding
  • Call hold/pick-up, transfer,waiting
  • Conference call
  • Data line security
  • Flexible ringing assignment
  • Hold reminder
  • Intercom
  • Last number redial
  • Music on hold (external / internal)
  • Power failure transfer
  • Programmable call restriction
  • Pulse to tone conversation System
  • Speed dialling (80 numbers)
  • Distinctive ringing Door opener interface,
  • Doorphone intercom

Product Configuration:

  • Maximum port capacity: 8 extension
  • Internal channels: 3
  • Dial-up external: Audio (DTMF) / pulse (10 pps, 20 pps)
  • Internal: Audio (DTMF) / pulse (10 pps, 20 pps)
  • Dialing mode: pulse ? DTMF
  • connection Trunk: module interface (2 wires)
  • Inside: the module interface (four-wire)
  • Paging: conductor jack
  • External music source: conductor jack
  • SMDR: RS-232C input and output ports ( 9-pin D-SUB)
  • Programming: RS-232C / USB / remote modem
  • SMDR (station message detail recording)
  • Detail records: date, time, extension number, an outside number, dialed number, call duration, billing codes, caller ID * 2
  • Reverse polarity detection * 1:
  • Voice mail ports: 2 ports (APT or the DTMF)
  • The DTMF receiver: 2
  • The DTMF generator: 1
  • Inward path: 2
  • power failure transfer ports: 1
  • direct connection to an external battery: Yes
  • power supply: AC 110 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • power consumption: 45W
  • dimensions (W x H x D): 368 mm × 284 mm × 102 mm
  • weight (full configuration): approx. 3.5 Kg


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