Hitachi CP X3042WN LCD Projector

The Hitachi new Portable CP X3042WN LCD Projectors bring a host of new features and functionality as well as retaining the core aspects of what makes a projector worthy of displaying the Hitachi name. Having 3,200 ANSI lumens of brightness and 1024 × 768 XGA resolution, the Hitachi CP X3042WN LCD Projector ensures a perfect presentation. The 16W speaker of this Hitachi projector eliminates any need for an external sound system. The Hitachi CP X3042WN office projector comes with embedded networking which gives you the ability to manage and control multiple projectors over your LAN. The Hitachi CP X3042WN business projector also features a cloning function which allows you to copy configuration settings from one projector to another.

Design and Dimensions: 
The compact and space saving Hitachi CP X3042WN projector measures 9 × 32 × 25 (H × W × D) cm and weighs 3.1 kg. This Hitachi LCD office projector is quite portable. You can carry the Hitachi LCD projector along with you from one place to another easily.

Display Features: 
The accentualizer of the Hitachi CP X3042WN LCD Projector is designed to make pictures look more real by enhancing sharpness and gloss. Using HDCR function, Hitachi LCD projector provides clear images even in bright rooms. Image care is a lamp power control function in this Hitachi White projector that combines optimal picture performance with maximum energy savings by decreasing the energy usage.

Audio Features: 
The Hitachi projector is equipped with 16W sound output so that you don’t need to waste money on external speaker system. 

Noise Level: 
This Hitachi CP X3042WN projector has low noise level.

There are various connectivity options in this Hitachi CP X3042WN office projector including digital input, analog input, monitor output, audio input, audio output, USB and wireless LAN.

Any Other Features: 

Some other features of this Hitachi LCD office projector include intelligent eco and saver mode, MHL, Perfect Fit 2, input source naming, PC-less presentation, PJ Messenger, etc. 

3LCD - A sophisticated, innovative technology that utilises 3 chips to deliver vibrant, true-to-life and consistent images for the most demanding audiences.

Hybrid Filter - The Hybrid Filter lasts longer than conventional filters. This extension in maintenance intervals reduces the overall cost of ownership significantly.

Blackboard/Whiteboard Mode - Projecting onto coloured or shiny backgrounds can make images appear either dull or uncomfortably bright. This mode ensures optimal brightness whether the screen is black, green or shiny white.

Advanced Networking - Manage and control multiple projectors over LAN. Turn the projector on and off, schedule email alerts and monitor projectors all via the network.

Wireless Networking - Wireless networking offers quick, easy and secure network access. Browser based software provides easy management, control and monitoring of networked projectors.

Daytime Mode - It can be harder to see a projected picture when the sun is shining brightly. Projections are always vivid and colourful in a bright environment with Daytime Mode.

Input Source Naming - Personalize devices and inputs to the projector - for example, re-name a device input to "Tom's Laptop" for easy recognition.

Audio Pass Through - When all you need is sound and not pictures, this convenient feature lets you hear the projector's speakers whilst the rest is on stand-by - helping to preserve lamp life.

Mobile High-Definition Link - The projectors' HDMI2 input terminal supports the MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link). This feature allows you to mirror the screen of your MHL-enabled Smartphone tablet on a projected screen.

You get 01 years warranty on this Hitachi CP X3042WN business projector

Display Type:


Light Output:

3200 Lumens




HDMI Input, LAN, Speakers, USB



Life of Lamp - Full Usage:

5000 Hours

Life of Lamp - Eco Usage:

10000 Hours

Contrast Ratio:


Aspect Ratio:



XGA (1024x768)

Audio Output:

16 Watts

Projector Lens:

Manual Lens



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