DOCON DC-330 Desktop Electric Paper Cutter

DOCON DC-330 Desktop Electric Paper Cutter has Automatic press the paper structure makes easy to operate; Heavy rack-optimized design precision machining it is more stable and durable; It is using the new highly integrated and high stability components the original electronic knife-bit direct line to ensure reliable operation of equipment; Touch mode button panel double hands interlocked automatic reset function to protect the absolute security; Adopting high steel blade sharp and endurance; Unique fault self-testing features that make your operation more handy; Graceful appearance concise design. beautiful and practical.

  • Cutting Width: 330mm
  • Maximum thickness: 30mm
  • Pressure Paper Type: Manual
  • Push the paper form: Automatic
  • Voltage: AC 220V/550W
  • Packing: 1 / wooden
  • box Package Size: 370 * 630 * 725mm

Model DC 330
  • Paper Cutter ( Single-blade Cutter) 
Driven Type
  • Electric
Paper Pressing Mode
  •  Automatic 
Paper Pushing Mode
  • Manually
Cutting Thickness
  • 30mm ( Max Cutting Size: 330mm)
  • 220V/550W

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