ASTHA CH-600F Banknote Counting Machines

ASTHA CH-600F Banknote Counting Machines has the capacity of Max. 250 Notes and it can count at the speed of 100 notes per 4 seconds. This 4-wheeled floor mount machine with the weight of 34 kg provides the required portability. Standard Function: BATCH: Counting for Preset Number of Notes from 1~200pcs, FREE: Free Counting, ADD: Accumulating the Total Notes Counted, UV: Fake Notes Detector.

  • Feed System: Vacuum
  • Count the banded or unbanded.
  • Count banknotes of different sizes.
  • Automatic counting,low noise.
  • Check Mode: Counted banknote number is exactly 100.
  • Free Mode: Counted banknote is range from 1 to 220.
  • Batch Mode: You can enact the banknote number
  • count them within range.(Number 0 can not be enacted
  • Accumulation Mode: Accumulate the every time number and display it
  • Easy Operation with speed key and reset button;
  • Count the banded or unbanded notes.
  • Newly designed Notes-hold Pole(three holes, five holes).
  • LED Display: Batch display, 3 digits; ADD display, 5 digits.
  • Be able to count different types of Bills and Banknotes.
  • Automatic/Manual starting modes.
  • Self cleaning function by air.
  • Dust collection devices for efficient dust removal
  • Optional customer display/UV/dust cover/stamp function
  • Alarm function-When the counted notes are more or less than 100 pcs
  • Counting modes: ADD, CHECK, BATCH, COUNT

Note: Specifications, Design and colour of the product subject to change due to the continuous development of the product.



Model No.


Country of Origin

Hong Kong 

Country of Assembly



Floor Type

Feed System

Vacuum Suction

Hopper Capacity

250 Sheets Max

Counting Speed

4 Sec per 100 Sheets 


5 Digits Counting and Accumulation LED Display 

Batch display

 3 Digits LED Display

Fake Notes Detector

Built in UV Mode  Fake Notes Detector

Countable Paper Size


Dimensions :W*L*H




Counting Speed

100pcs/4 seconds, 100pcs/3.5seconds, 100pcs/3 seconds,100pcs/2.8second; ( Attention: can setup as 100pcs/2.5second according requirement)

Optional Function

Customer Display


Low Noise <70Db

Power Source


Ambient Conditions

Temperature: 0-40? C, Humidity : ? 90%


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