ASTHA YB-8358B Banknote Binding Machines

ASTHA YB-8358B Banknote Binding Machines Electric binding machine, automatic fast binding. Microcomputer control, convenient operation, hot pressing temperature adjustable Firm Bundling.

Characteristic: Full -automatic and quick binding. Microcomputer control and easy operation. Hot-press binding makes it artistic and firm. The position of binding paper tape is adjustable. Degree of tightness and temperature are adjustable.

The distance from the center of paper tape to shortest side is 20-83MM

  • English can be switched to display
  • Instant heat, No warm-boot, open then can directly use
  • Tape can be mobilized with elastic binding
  • The number of real-time display
  • Check without paper function, eliminate paper jams
  • Caused by the phenomenon of repeated feed
  • Automatic fault detection and display
  • On the clear up-case, tape usage at a glance
  • The shell adopts imported ABS, shiny and smooth
  • Binding speed: 2 seconds/time.
  • Power: 80W(most) 20W(standby time)
  • Use tape: The factory produced the W20-160 tape
  • Binding speed: one times<2 seconds
  • Electric supply: 220V/50Hz,110V/60Hz.
  • Consumption: max 50w, standy 10w
  • Weight:6.5 kg Size: 27cm x 22 cm x 22.5 cm
  • Applicable paper tape: DET20(mm)x130(m)paper tape made by our factory.
  • Binding adjustment range of the center of the tape:10-83mm

Country of Origin
Hong Kong
Country of Manufacturer 
Banding Speed
2 Seconds/Time
Roll paper Size
Volume: 23.2*17.2*22.3cm
7.5 KG
Power Consumption
80W (Most) 20W(Standby Time)
Power Supply

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