ASTHA MMC 1250 MICR & MSR Check Reader

ASTHA MMC 1250 MICR check reader can read check or other bill with magnetic ink characters automatically, and can read magnetic card with manual swipe. Single-feed MICR reader with a reliable and durable design, Mini MICR is ideal for retail and financial applications where fast and accurate MICR reading is required, Mini MICR offers a range of interfaces options, including connectivity to the most popular POS Terminals.

ASTHA MMC 1250 MICR reads real-world checks with the highest accuracy in the industry.  MICR's rugged and durable design will provide years of daily use. Small footprint, low cost check reader with high accuracy and dependability. MICR can easily format the MICR data to match any application input requirements. It is widely used in all kinds of financial transaction and information checking area, such as banking, retailing,market, hotel, etc.


  • Easy Check Handling
  • Compact size, Horseshoe
  • Secure/Reliable Reading
  • Single Sheet at one time
  • Good pass read rate in the first time
  • Motorized paper transport for quick,
  • Country of Origin: Hong Kong 
  • Country of Assembly: Taiwan 
  • Interface: RS232, PS/2, USB (HID or Virtual COM)
  • Integrated Mag-stripe card reader, dual or Triple Tracks
  • Applicable to many operating systems: UNIX, WINDOWS, NT and OS/2, etc

Brand & ModelASTHA, MMC 1250
Country of  Origin & Assembly
Country of  Origin: Hong Kong & Country of Assembly: Taiwan 
Reading indication
Green/red status LED for right/error reading
Reading speed
1.2sec/sheet (with 157mm sheet length)
Feeding speed
250mm/sec (30mm/sec)
Multi interface

RS232, PC/AT/XT, USB (HID or Virtual COM), 2400/4800/9600/19200 bps at

option under RS232 interface

Head lifetime
500,000 cycles
Recognition accuracy rate
98% for E13B&CMC7 & MSR
Power supply
DC+12 V
MICR & MSR standard
ISO 1004 standard E13B, CMC7 & ISO format, dual tracks or triple tracks

Model Description:1250x1-x2

TypeX1InterfaceX2Magnetic Module

1250 (MICR)

RRS232 Serial port
1250 (MICR)
KPS/2M1&2&3 tracks
1250 (MICR)

1250 (MICR)
UVVirtual COM

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