Toshiba E Studio 5518A Heavy Duty Copier Machines

Promoting reform of workers through collaboration with mobile terminals and cloud services

Collaboration with cloud services

Using cloud services from multifunction devices, you can save and output scan data

Just by operating the multifunction device, you can print the data saved on the cloud and save the scanned data on the cloud. We can support business efficiency by being able to access data without regard to time and place.

* Applications dedicated to multifunction devices (chargeable) are required for use. ? For data that can be handled, please contact your sales representative.

Cooperation with One Drive for Business, SharePoint Online, and Exchange Online

You can upload and print direct scan data in cooperation with various services

We will strongly back up our operations with cooperation with services directly linked to improving work efficiency and productivity.

* Applications dedicated to multifunction devices (chargeable) are required for use.

e-BRIDGE Print & Capture Lite *

You can save printing and scan data from tablet device or smartphone

"E-BRIDGE Print & Capture Lite" is a dedicated application software that can print data registered in the cloud from a tablet terminal or smartphone or register scan data in the cloud. It also supports printing photos (JPEG) and PDF saved on tablet devices and smartphones, saving scanned data to tablet terminals and smartphones.

* You can download Google Play for Android devices and free of charge for iOS devices from the App Store. 
* It corresponds to cloud service of Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Evernote. (As of October 2018)


You can print from Android's smartphone or tablet using Wi-Fi.


With the printing function that is standard equipment on iOS, you can print using iPhone / iPad etc using Wi-Fi.

E-mail Direct Print

It is a function that you can print by attaching the file (PDF / JPEG / XPS) you want to print to e-mail and sending it to the multifunction device.

Application for multifunction machine that facilitates workflow

e-BRIDGE Plus for Barcode Scan

You can sort documents scanned by multifunction devices

It is an application for multifunction devices that sorts documents with barcodes, sorts them according to rules, and creates document data that is organized for each barcode. 
After scanning, you can save time and labor for sorting and renaming on a PC, which is helpful for efficient business promotion.

* Applications dedicated to multifunction devices (chargeable) are required for use.

Easy to use but easy to use operability

Larger, easy-to-use operation screen
Newly adopted 10.1-inch color liquid crystal touch panel. It can be used intuitively with smart hike operability using a fingertip.

Intuitive operation with fingertips

Intuitive operation with scrolling the screen and button selection with fingertips

Simple screen

Easy operation on the screen displaying only the basic functions It
is an operation screen displaying only the basic functions that are frequently used. Users with many basic functions can easily operate.

User customized screen

Create your
own easy-to-use screen Prepare a screen that matches your company, leading to improved usability and security. You can also select the background image, text color / size change, icon to display, it can help to reduce mistakes and suppress information leakage.

Print & Copy 
Color output coloring documents, from POP to business documents vividly

Improved productivity with speed print of 65 pages per minute (e-STUDIO 6518 A) and 85 pages (e-STUDIO 8518 A)

Hold Print / Private Printing

Effective for printing of confidential documents and deterrence of neglect printing 
When printing is instructed from a print personal computer, the print data is temporarily stored in the multifunctional product main body, and it is not output to paper unless a print instruction is issued from the multifunction peripheral. Even if you give a print instruction, it will not come to pick up, it will be effective in reducing neglect printing. Also, since it reduces the risk of being seen by someone until outputting after taking it out, it is suitable for outputting confidential documents. 
Private print
This is a print function that allows you to add a password to hold print. Since it can not output without knowing the password, it is more secure than the hold printing.

Multistation printing (optional)

How from the MFP even taken out and the print
can be any print-out from the MFP of up to a maximum of 50 cars, which is cooperation in the network. You can also change settings such as number of copies or reprint once printed data before printing.

Output possible from any multifunctional machine When
a multifunctional machine that you want to output is used, you can print on another empty multifunctional machine, so you can work efficiently with less waiting time.

Clear paperless with a variety of scanning functions and keep documents refreshed by utilizing scanning

A3 with scanner

Color, monochrome Equipped with a full-color scanner of 240 pages per minute (A4 horizontal, 300 dpi), it supports the digitization of documents.

Scanning preview

Scanning the scanned data on the screen of the multifunctional machine
While watching the thumbnail display when previewing the scanned data, you can change the order and direction of pages, delete them after deleting unnecessary pages, and save them. It is a convenient function without having to edit on a personal computer.

Scan method you can choose

Scan to function

Scanned data can be sent in various ways according to usage
You can select and send scanned documents from 5 methods. Scanning and data can be delivered only by multifunction device operation, making it easy to distribute information and share information.

* 1 Password can be set in the e-Filing Box. 
* 2 Applications dedicated to multifunction devices (chargeable) are required for use. 
* 3 Mail server is required.

Two-sided simultaneous document feeder

Quickly scan duplex originals for convenient use

Simultaneous scanning on both sides Simultaneously scanning
the front and back of the document achieves high-speed reading of 240 pages / min (A4 horizontal, 300 dpi). Reduce scanning time. In addition, you can set 300 sheets (35 to 80 g / m 2 ) at one time, which is useful for efficiency of work. You can scan 

business cards by loading business cards on
both sides of the card reader at the same time. We can also work with commercial business card management software, and we can proceed to convert business cards into electronic data.

Fax (Option) 
Reduce waste, mistake and cost

Super G3 FAX + 2 line correspondence *

With super G3 modem, 0.7 second * 2 read support for faster faxing. In addition, it can accommodate two lines by adding an option, and it is possible to shorten simultaneous communication of two lines and broadcast transmission time. Since one unit can communicate for two units, the busy ratio can be reduced and space saving can be realized.

* 1 Option 
* 2 When A4 size original document (original) is memory input from glass surface in normal mode (8 x 3.85 lines / mm).

Fax reception preview

Confirm received fax before printing

* Since it is set to OFF at the time of shipment, setting by our service engineer is necessary.

Security & Management 
Equipped with safety coexistence function while maintaining comfortable usability

Guard the important information with a secure security function

Copy Print Scan FAX

Security HDD

All data on the HDD is encrypted by encrypting all data on the HDD and using
256 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) method to suppress information leakage . Moreover, even if the HDD is stolen, when connecting to other equipment and trying to read illegally, the data is invalidated and information leakage can be suppressed. With Toshiba proprietary technology mounted HDD, you can improve security effect without lowering productivity related to MFP operation. 
In addition, FIPS 140-2 / JCMVP certification acquisition option (GE-1230) is also available.

Wi-Fi Direct *

Wi-Fi Direct that can be connected to multifunction devices without going through the access point Because it supports Wi-Fi Direct, even if you bring in a device that is not connected to the company LAN, you can output it from the multifunction device I will. The multifunction peripheral can also be connected to the existing in-house LAN in a wired or wireless (infrastructure mode), but the Wi-Fi Direct connection and the wired or wireless (infrastructure mode) connection are completely blocked and the secure environment You can use it.

* Option (GN - 4020) is required. 
* Wired LAN and infrastructure mode can not be used at the same time.

Data erase option (GP-1070) *

Overwrite data on remaining HDD data and securely erase
Data remaining in temporary data such as copy, print, scan etc that remains on HDD in the main body of the HDD Overwrite the random data after the job and overwrite the data securely It erases. By leaving only random data overwritten on the HDD, information leakage from remaining data is suppressed.


Nature and environment friendly, Initiatives for recycled raw materials and energy conservation

Respond quickly to various environmental standards

We use biomass plastic products (biomass plasticity degree 25% or more) as part of the multifunction machine body for the purpose of resource saving and prevention of global warming by CO 2 emission reduction and substitution of petroleum derived plastics.

Other Functions 
Other functions

Other printing functions

Index Paper Printing / Standard Size Scaling Manual Scaling / Destination Designation * 1 / Sort / Group / Duplex Printing / Page Consolidation / Binding * 1 / Center Fold * 1 / Stapler * 1/ Punch * 1 / Poster Print / Blank Paper 180 degree rotated / mirror image * 2 / inversion * 1 : Inverted file / 180 degree rotated / mirror image * 2 / inverted file * 3 / reserved printing / trial printing / tandem printing / printing to filing box / USB direct printing / Google cloud print * 4 / job skip / copy-forgery-protected * 5 / offset discharge * 1 / security stamp / universal printer driver / margin Margin and image shift

Other copy functions

Reserve copy / Interrupt copy / Trial copy / Rotate copy / Manual feed paper size specification / Automatic paper size specification / Automatic paper selection / Mixed size copy / Automatic magnification selection / Manual zoom / Centering copy / Destination specification * 1 / Density Adjustment / Sort / Group / Vertical / Alternate Output / Duplex Copy / Binding * 1 / Center Fold * 1 / Stapler * 1 / Punch * 1 / Page Aggregation / Margin / Cover Mode / Sheet Insertion Mode / Date / Time Addition / Page Addition / Trimming / masking / mirror image / black-and-white reversal / vertical and horizontal independent scaling / blank page removal / frame erase / erase in book / page consecutive shot / outside of original document / build job / full-sided copy / copy to filing box / copy and file / paper Remaining amount / blank page removal / offset sheet discharge * 1 / security stamp / image log * 5

Other scan function

Compression ratio (3 types) / blank page removal / outside document erase / density adjustment / contrast / color mode (4 types) / resolution (6 types) / document mode (3 types) / image rotation / Background adjustment / Sharpness / Saturation / RGB adjustment / Preview / Encryption (Save to shared folder / E-mail transmission / Save to USB) / Path browse / Image log * 5 / OCR option * 1 / Dropout color

Other fax functions

Redial (Automatic) / Document size specification / Different width size mixed / Resolution (3 types) / Original mode (3 types) / Density adjustment / Duplex original input / Memory transmission / Direct transmission / ECM / Overseas specification / Line designation / Mailbox Communication / Preview / On-hook transmission / Off-hook transmission / Tone sending / Auto reception / Manual reception / TEL / FAX automatic switching Reception / Remote reception / Memory reception / Sequential broadcast transmission (up to 400 destinations, / Scheduled transmission (up to 100 jobs or up to 2,000 destinations) / glass surface reading / communication history / priority transmission reservation / polling communication / F code communication (confidential / bulletin board / relay broadcast) / chain dial designation transmission / Revive transmission / Transmission inhibit / Confidential reception / Time specified transmission / Send attachment transmission / FAX transmission to File / Rotary transmission / Source recording / Portrait / Landscape alternate ejection / Duplex document sending / Reception reception / Halftone (256 tones) / Recording source record / supply Secure paper / Dial-in correspondence / Busy transfer (sub dial) / Integrated address book [Up to 3,000 destinations, up to 200 group registrations up to 200 groups (up to 400 destinations / group)] / security stamp / * 5 / FAX transmission preview?

Other Internet Fax Functions

Resolution (3 types) / Document mode (3 types) / Density adjustment / 2-sided original input / title input / body input / automatic reception / manual reception / broadcast transmission (up to 400 destinations) / glass surface reading

Other Functions

Department management / User authentication / NFC compliant

* 1 Valid only with Universal Printer 2 (PostScript) / Universal XPS printer driver 
* 3 Universal Printer 2 (PostScript) / Universal XPS / Universal PS 3 Valid only with printer driver 
* 4 Applications dedicated to multifunction devices Paid) will be required. 
* 5 Since it is set to OFF at the time of shipment, setting by our service engineer is necessary. 
* 6 In some cases, the expected effect may not be obtained depending on the multifunction device you use, the copying machine used for copying, other environments, circumstances.


basic specifications

e-STUDIO 5518 A



Reading resolution

600 dpi × 600 dpi


256 gradations

Paper type

For high quality paper 
manual feed of 60 to 256 g / m²: high quality paper of 60 to 300 g / m², index paper, OHP film, postcard

Warm up time * 1

About 24 seconds (20 ° C.)

About 20 seconds (20 ° C.)

Recovery time * 1 * 2

About 15 seconds

Paper feed method / paper feed capacity

Optional: Large capacity paper feeder (Toshiba recommended paper 3,000 sheets, A4 horizontal) * With cassette 4 step auto feed (Toshiba recommended paper 600 x 4) 
and manual feed paper (Max 100 sheets can be fed continuously) Manual feed can not be performed.

Duplex function

Stack less system

Toner supply

Automatic density detection, cartridge type replenishment

Memory capacity

4 GB (main memory, shared page memory)

HDD capacity

320 GB or more (Security HDD)

Power supply

AC 100 V · 15 A ,50/60 Hz

AC100 V · 15 A ,50/60 Hz × 2 mouth

Maximum power consumption

1.5 kW or less

2.0 kW or less

Energy consumption efficiency

191 kWh / year classification: multifunction device d

283 kWh / year segment: multifunction machine d

TEC value * 3

3.7 kWh

5.4 kWh


When the operation panel tilt is 7 degrees: Width 955 mm × depth 737 mm × height 1,227 mm 
Operation panel tilt 90 degrees: Width 955 mm × depth 698 mm × height 1,227 mm


195 kg (body only)

Machine occupied dimensions

Width 1287 mm × depth 784 mm (when the manual feed tray is extended, the operation panel inclination 7 degrees, including the instruction manual pocket)

* 1 It may change depending on usage conditions and usage environment. 
* 2 Return time from sleep mode. 
* 3 Numerical values ??measured by the International Energy Star Program.

Copy specification

e-STUDIO 6518 A

Write resolution

Equivalent to 2400 dpi × 600 dpi

Original size

Sheet, book (maximum A3)

size of paper

A 3, A 4 Horizontal, A 4 Vertical, A 5 Vertical, B 4, B 5 Horizontal, B 5 Vertical A 
3 Wide (305 × 457 mm / 320 × 450 mm / 320 × 460 mm) 
Manual Paper Feed 320 × 450 mm / 320 × 460 mm / 330 × 483 mm 
Mail Postcards, paper in the range of 100 to 297 mm in length and 148 to 432 mm in width in the envelope 
* 1 (Square Type 2, Long Type 6, Long Type 3, Yellow Type No. 4) 
[Image missing width]: Tip 4.2 mm + 2.8 mm / -1.2 
????????mm trailing end 3 mm + 2 mm, both ends 2 mm + 2 mm

First copy time 
(A4 horizontal, equal magnification, main body cassette, glass surface)

5.2 seconds

4.1 seconds

Continuous copy speed * 2

A4 Horizontal: 65 sheets / minute 
B 4: 31 sheets / minute A 
3: 30 sheets / minute

A4 Horizontal: 85 sheets / minute 
B 4: 46 sheets / minute A 
3: 40 sheets / minute

Copy magnification

115%, 122%, 141%, 163%, 173%, 200%, 400%, 1: 1 ± 0.5% 
reduction 25%, 50%, 57%, 61%, 71%, 82%, 86 

Zoom magnification 25 to 400% (1% increment) 
(25 to 200% when using both side simultaneous document feeder)

Continuous copy number

1 to 9,999 sheets

* 1 Please use the recommended envelope. 
* 2 It may change depending on usage conditions and usage environment.

Print specification

e-STUDIO 6518 A


Built-in type

Write resolution

600 dpi × 600 dpi, equivalent to 2400 dpi × 600 dpi 
3600 dpi equivalent × 1200 dpi (PostScript 3 compatible)

Print size

A 3, A 4 Horizontal, A 4 Vertical, A 5 Vertical, B 4, B 5 Horizontal, B 5 Vertical A 
3 Wide (305 × 457 mm / 320 × 450 mm / 320 × 460 mm) 
Manual Paper Feed 
320 × 450 mm / 320 × 460 mm / 330 × 483 mm 
Mail Postcards, envelopes 
* 1 (square type 2, long type 6, long type 3 number, western style 4), 
paper in the range of 100 to 313.4 mm in length and 148 to 1200 mm in width 
* 2
[Image missing width] 4.2 mm 
* 3 from the paper edge

Continuous printing speed

Conform to the continuous copying speed


Ethernet (10/100 / 1000BASE-T), USB 2.0 / Hi SPEED USB 
option: IEEE802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth v3.0 standard compliant (HCRP / BIP / OPP / FTP)

Supported protocol

TCP / IP (SMB, LPD, Port 9100, IPP / IPPS, WSD, FTP) 
IPX / SPX, AppleTalk

Page description language

PCL6, PostScript 3 compatible, XPS method

Supported OS

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 / Server2008 / Server2008 R2 / 
Server2012 / Server2012 R2 / Server2016, MacOSX 
* 4 , UNIX * 5 , LINUX * 5

Built-in font

PCL: 80 Western typeface, PS: Mincho, Gothic, Western type 136 typeface

* 1 Please use the recommended envelope. 
* 2 Printing to custom size paper longer than the maximum standard size (eg maximum 313.4 mm × 1200 mm) is printed at 300 dpi. 
* 3 The maximum printable width 
corresponds to 309 mm * 4 10.6.8 to 10.13. 
* 5 For details, please contact your sales representative or service engineer.

Scan specification

basic specifications


Color scanner


Ethernet (10/100 / 1000BASE-T), IEEE 802.11b / g / n (option)

Reading resolution

100 dpi × 100 dpi, 150 dpi × 150 dpi, 200 dpi × 200 dpi, 300 dpi × 300 dpi, 400 dpi × 400 dpi, 600 dpi × 600 dpi

Read mode

Black and white, grayscale, full color, automatic color

Read size

A3, A4 Horizontal, A4 Vertical, A5 Vertical, B4, B5 Horizontal, B5 Vertical, A6 Vertical, Mail Postcard 
* A6 Vertical, Postcards are read from the glass surface.

Document reading speed * 1

Single side reading 120 pages / minute 
Double side simultaneous reading 240 pages / minute

TWAIN · File Downloader (pull scan)

Supported OS (driver)

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 / Server2008 / 
Server2008 R2 / Server2012 / Server2012 R2 / Server2016

(pull scan)

Auto Color: PDF, PDF / A-2b, TIFF, XPS Grayscale / Full Color: PDF, A / A-1b, PDF / A-2b, TIFF (Single), XPS 
* Importing copy / print data to a PC The resolution is 300 dpi / 600 dpi

File (push scan)

Communication protocol

SMB, FTP, IPX / SPX, NetWare over TCP / IP

file format

Black and white: TIFF, PDF, XPS, PDF / A - 1 b, PDF / A - 2 b, Searchable PDF * 2 , DOCX * 2 , XLSX * 2 , PPTX * 2
Grayscale / full color: JPEG, TIFF, PDF, XPS, PDF / A-1b, PDF / A-2b, PDF / A 
* 2 , Searchable PDF * 2 , DOCX * 2 , XLSX * 2 , PPTX * 2
Automatic Color: TIFF (Single), PDF, XPS, PDF / A-1b , PDF / A-2b, Searchable PDF 
* 2 , DOCX * 2 , XLSX * 2 , PPTX * 2

E-mail (push scan)

Transmission protocol


file format

Follow the file (push scan) file format

Available address book

Body, LDAP server

* 1 Original scanning speed is common to each reading mode, A4 horizontal, 300 dpi × 300 dpi 
* 2 option

Internet FAX specification

Communication standard

ITU-T T.37 compliant (Direct SMTP compatible) * 1 * 2



Communication protocol



Original size

A4, B4 * 3 , A3 * 3


Recording paper size


A3, B4, A4, B5, A5


dpi × 100/200 dpi 400 dpi × 400 dpi 
* 3

150 dpi × 150 
dpi 200 dpi × 100/200/400 dpi 
300 dpi × 300 dpi, 400 dpi × 400 dpi

file format



* 1 Direct SMTP transmission is not possible from PC-FAX. 
* 2 Internet fax mode and direct SMTP mode need to be set by service engineer. 
* 3 Setting by service engineer is necessary

Fax (option) specification

Send original size

Maximum A3

Recording paper size

A3, B4, A4, B5, A5

Communication mode

G3 (Super G3), original mode

Scanning line density

High definition 16 × 15.4 lines / mm fine 8 × 7.7 lines / mm Ordinary 8 × 3.85 lines / mm

Transmission time * 1

2 seconds * 2

communication speed

33/600/31, 200/28, 800/26, 400 / 24,000 / 21, 600/19, 200/16, 
800/14, 400 / 12,000 / 9, 600/7, 200/4, 800/2, 400 bps

Coding scheme


Memory capacity

1 GB * 3

Applicable line

Subscribed telephone line, facsimile communication network (G3)

PC-FAX driver

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 / Server2008 / 
Server2008 R2 / Server2012 / Server2012 R2 / Server2016

* 1 Transmission time is the transmission time of only image information, communication control time is not included. The actual communication time differs depending on the contents of the manuscript, the partner model, and the state of the line. 
* 2 In the case of JBIG communication with an A4 size document of about 700 characters (original) in normal mode (8 x 3.85 lines / mm), 33.6 kbps super G3 mode. 
* 3 Included in the main unit HDD.

Document feed on both sides simultaneously (standard equipment) specification

Document feed system

Continuous feed or single feed

Copy original size

A3 to B5 vertical (35 to 209 g / m²) * 1

Number of sheets stacked

300 sizes of all sizes (80 g / m² or 38 mm or less of original height)

Document reading speed * 2

When copying (600 dpi)

Single side reading: 70 pages / minute 
Duplex simultaneous reading: 120 pages / minute

During scanning (300 dpi)

Single side reading: 120 pages / minute 
Double side simultaneous reading: 240 pages / minute

Power supply

Supplied from main unit

Maximum power consumption

60 W or less


Width 575 × depth 531 × height 180 mm


14 kg

* 1 35 g / m² In the case of thin two-sided originals such as paper, it may show off. For manuscripts with a grammage exceeding 157 g / m², sufficient image quality may not be obtained. 
* 2 300 dpi × 300 dpi when copying 1 to 1. The document reading speed is common to each reading mode

staple finisher

installation cost

250,000 yen 
6,500 yen

Console type finisher installed on the left side of the main unit, it separates paper discharged by the copy / printer function and staples at sort output by copy / printer. Manual stapling is also available. (FAX is output to the main body output tray)

Staple cartridge


6,000 yen

5,000 stitches × 3

Saddle stitch 

installation cost

380,000 yen 
6,500 yen

In addition to sort / group sorting, stapling, saddle stitching is also possible finisher. Manual stapling is also available. 
Hole punch unit (MJ - 6106E) can be attached.



6,000 yen

5,000 stitches × 3



¥ 2,500

2,000 needles × 4, for saddle

guide rail

installation cost

20,000 yen 
3,000 yen

Install it in a place where it is difficult to move the finisher, such as on a carpet.

Hole punch unit

Installation cost

50,000 yen 
4,000 yen

You can punch holes in output paper. 
It can be installed in multi position staple finisher (MJ - 1111) and saddle stitch finisher (MJ - 1112).

High capacity paper feeder

installation cost

¥ 200,000 ¥ 

A4 · It can store 3,000 sheets of paper.

Accessible arm


15,000 yen

With the wheelchair user can sit down, you can close the document feeder on both sides simultaneously.

Lateral output tray


¥ 10,000

This tray is for ejecting paper. It is an option necessary when not installing the finisher.

FAX unit

installation cost (1st line) 
installation cost (2nd line)

¥ 105,000 ¥ 
11,600 ¥ 

This is an option for extending the fax function. 
By installing two, up to two lines can be used.

Wireless LAN / Bluetooth 

installation cost

50,000 yen 
3,000 yen

It is an option to extend the wireless LAN function conforming to IEEE802.11b / g / n. 
Wireless LAN and Bluetooth can be used at the same time.


installation cost

90,000 yen 
5,000 yen

It is an option necessary when using contactless user authentication system. (For FeliCa / MIFARE) 
Can not be used with KP - 2008 at the same time.


installation cost

90,000 yen 
5,000 yen

It is an option necessary when using NFC function. It can also be used when using contactless user authentication system. (FeliCa only) 
* When using the NFC function, installation of e-BRIDGE Print & Capture Lite (free) is required. Also, a wireless LAN / Bluetooth module is required. 
It can not be used at the same time as KP - 2007.

Data erase option

installation cost

¥ 80,000 
3,000 yen

It is an option to overwrite and erase remaining data in the HDD.

IPsec option

installation cost

¥ 80,000 
3,000 yen

It is an option to use IPsec.

Meta Scan Options

installation cost

¥ 80,000 
3,000 yen

This option is for using the meta-scan function.

External linkage option

installation cost

100,000 yen 
3,000 yen

It is an option to use the embedded Web browser.

font options

installation cost

¥ 80,000 
3,000 yen

It is an option to print Unicode PCL5 print data sent from SAP system using Andale font.

OCR option

installation cost

50,000 yen 
3,000 yen

The optical character recognition function (OCR) can be used with this machine.

printing option

installation cost

60,000 yen 
3,000 yen

You can now use the multistation printing function with this machine.

FIPS hard disk kit

installation cost

30,000 yen 
5,000 yen

HDD compliant with the United States Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 140-2 / JCMVP) standard can be used. 
In case of installing after the main body is delivered, the cost for backup etc. will be estimated separately.

·         When installing the option at the same time as the main body is delivered, the installation fee will be reduced by 3,000 yen (tax excluded) each.

·         When installing multiple options after delivering the main unit, the installation fee will be reduced by 3,000 yen (excluding tax) from the second option.

·         The above price will be the price when doing simultaneous delivery of the multifunction machine main unit. The following business trip fee will be added separately when doing work after delivering the multifunction peripheral itself. 
· From our nearest support center (less than 50 km) 7,000 yen · From our nearest support center (over 50 km) 10,000 yen

·         The option installation cost does not include installation of various drivers / utilities, personal computer settings, etc.


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