Paragon Plus P-409A Note Counting Machine

Paragon Plus P-409A note counting machine has automatic counting function, alarm function, preset function, 10 key panel, add function, dust collecting device, self cleaning function by air, optional customer display, counting rate 800 / 1200 / 1500 sheets per minute, 100 sheets per 4.5 seconds, capacity clip 100 sheets, size banknotes 50 x 100 mm - 100 x 180 mm, thickness 0.06 - 0.12 mm.

  • Automatic Counting Function : Automatic counting start with putting the notes in the clamper.
  • Alarm function : When the counted notes are more or less than 100 notes, this function will be operated with alarm signal and sound.
  • Preset function : Available for counting the numbers of notes by just pressing any key button on the 10 key panel.
  • ADD function : Available for accumulating the number of counted notes.
  • Self cleaning function by air.
  • Dust collecting device for efficient dust removal
  • Optional customer display

Model: P-409A( Built in UV Fake Note Detector)
Country of Origin:  KOREA
Purpose: Counting of Money & Fake note detect
Type: Floor Mounted 4 wheel Trolley system
Feed system: Vacuum suction spindle type( Bundle and loose)
Display: Large-4 Digit LED
Customer : Duel Display Extra-large LED moveable customer duel display
Self-Cleaning system: Self-Cleaning system available
Note holder tray/Top cover :5 mm fiber glass note holder/ Top Cover
Counting speed: 100 notes per 4 seconds
Dimension: 370mm(W) X 405(H)mm X 300mm(D)
Weight; 40 Kgs
Power Consumption: 450W.
Power Supply; 220V/50Hz
Clamper capacity; 200 Notes
Warranty:One Year Free Services With Spare Parts, Six Month Electronic & Electrical Item Warranty.

  • Stabilizer : 600 ~ 1000VA
  • Dual Display 

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