Toshiba E-Studio 2555C Colour Copier Machines

Compact Cosign:

The e-STUDIO 2555C Series is compact and lightweight. Redesigned from top to bottom, the series' 585 × 644mm footprint is 27% smaller than the previous e-STUDIO 2555C Series , rivalling black-and-white models in space-saving performance. This compact design means that users need not concern themselves about space when replacing a black-and-white model. The e-STUDIO 2555C series is also 33% lighter than the previous series, dramatically easing the effort required for installation.

High Image Quality:

The latest image processing engine and an LED printhead deliver accurate reproduction of text, graphics, fine lines, etc. in both full colour and B/W. Toshiba"s low temperature toner boasts vivid colour reproduction of even the most colourful photos.

Wide Range Media Compatibility:

The e-STUDIO 2555C series can handle a broad range of paper weights and sizes for making attractive printed material. Paper up to 280g/m² in weight and 320 × 460mm in size can be printed. The Banner paper up to 1,200mm and waterproof paper can also be printed.


MFPs are subject to increasing demand to safeguard data, amid growing concerns over information security. The e-STUDIO 2555C series is compatible with a variety of communication protocols used to protect information security. The series achieves advanced security without sacrificing ease of use, thorough self-encryption HDD, user authentication and access control. Other powerful security features include the retention of access logs, security-pattern printing, and generation of encrypted PDF.

System Integration:

MFPs are now linked to corporate networks to play a vital role in business workflows. The e-STUDIO 3055C series adopts Toshiba's e-BRIDGE architecture with e-BRIDGE Open Platform. This system permits users to connect easily to workflow systems, and can even be flexibly adapted to the customization of systems for specified customers.


The e-STUDIO 3055C series is designed to satisfy the latest energy conservation standards, to reduce hazardous substances, and to comply with environmental standards of many countries and region.

Cloud & Mobility:

Today, many Cloud & Mobility solutions are provided and these are absolutely imperative for business. Toshiba MFPs easily integrate your workflow by supporting protocol and providing application.

Copy/Print Speed: 25 PPM Colour/ 25 PPM B&W

Memory (max) Main Memory: 2 GB HDD, 160 GB (Security SED Drive)

Copy/Print Resolution:600 x 1200 dpi (PS Driver)

Frast Copy Out Time (seconds):6.4/8.1 seconds B&W/Colour

Warm-up Time (seconds):Approx. 27 seconds

Duty Cycle:100K

Dimensions (W x D x H):23”x 25.3” x 31”

Reduction/Enlargments:25% to 400%

Scan Resolution:100/150/200/300/400/600 dpi

Scan Speed:73 SPM Colour/73 SPM B&W (@300 dpi)

Scan Preview:Yes

Scan to USB Media:Yes

Print to USB Media:Yes

File Formats:TIFF, PDF, Secure PDF, JPEG, XPS

Power Supply:220 V, 8 Amps

Power Consumption:Maximum 1.5kW

Data Encryption:256 Bit AES (SED Hard Drive)

Hard Drive Overwrite:*DoD Standard 5220.22M

SED (Self Encrypted Drive):Yes

Toshiba E STUDIO 2555C Optional Accessories:

Bridge Unit: Toshiba KN2550

Document Feeder: Toshiba MR3025

Finisher: Toshiba MJ1036

Finisher: Toshiba MJ1107

Finisher: Toshiba MJ1108

Finisher: Toshiba MJ5006

Finisher: Toshiba MJ6007

Paper Supply: Toshiba KD1031

Paper Supply: Toshiba KD1032

Paper Supply: Toshiba MY1039

Toshiba E STUDIO 2555C Options:

Accessible Arm Handle (KK2550)

Damper Kit (MF2050CEA)

Fax Option (GD1320)

Fax Option Second Line (GD-1260F)

Hardcopy Security Printing (GP1190A)

Harness Kit for Coin Controller (GQ1260)

Interface 802.11b/g/n (GN1060)

IPSec Enabler (GP1080)

Manual Pocket (KK1660)

Metascan Enabler (GS1010)

Unicode Font Enabler (GS-1007)

Wireless Antenna (GN3010)

Work Tray (KK4550)

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