SEETECH DHP-1D Desktop Type Banknote Counter

DHP-1D (Vacuum Suction Type) Floortop stand-alone type banknote counter(DHP-1D) Accurate counting at high speed. Excellent counting performance for old series of notes, dirty and soiled notes. compact body with a new design. Special Features - Accurate counting with high speed (4 second/100 notes). - Normal/cumulate(ADD) count. - 3 count modes (batch, verify, free). - Selectable Auto/manual count. - Self-diagnostic system for easy maintenance.

SEETECH DHP 1D  Desktop Type Banknote Counter Special Features:

  • Counting Speed 3 Second(Except Feeding time) For 100 Notes, 2000 Notes Per Min
  • Excellent counting performance for old series, dirty and soiled notes
  • Countable Note Size 50x100 - 200mm, Thickness: 0.12 - 0.6mm
  • Accurate counting with high speed (4 second/100 notes)
  • Self-diagnostic system for easy maintenance
  • Power Source 400W-AC110/220V,50/60Hz
  • Option Remote Display For Customer
  • Accurate counting at high speed
  • Normal/cumulative (ADD) count
  • Compact body with new design
  • Selectable Auto/manual count
  • Dimension 350x465x230mm
  • Holder Capacity 200 Notes
  • Weight 21.87Kg


DHP - 1D

Counting speed

4 seconds (except feeding time) for 100 notes

Countable note size

Size : 50 x 100 ~ 100 x 200mm thickness : 0.12 ~ 0.6mm

Holder capacity

200 notes


350 x 465 x 230mm


Net 25Kg

Power source

AC 110V or 220V, 50/60Hz

Power consumption



Remote display for customers


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