CMICO 365 Floor Mound Banknote Counter

Control Panel:
High sensitive membrane panel and large dual green Led display, allowing for easy operation and reading of the results.

Soundproof and dust-proof, the shutter keeps your workplace quiet and clean.
The advanced device also ensure your safety by reversing automatically when your hand touch the edge of shutter.

Display Test, Solenoid Test, Holder Test, Microswitch Test, Vacuum Air Test and Rotor Test.

Easy Movement:
Floor type counters are more durable than desktops, but they are also too heavy.
Our 365 can be separated into two parts for easy movement.
Counting Speed approx. 4 seconds/100 notes
Holder Capacity approx. 200 notes
Standard Functions check, batch, free, add, alarm
Optional Functions shutter, stamp
Display dual green led display, accumulative display 5 digits, batching display 3 digits
Note Size Range Minimum 100mm x 50mm, Maximum 200mm x 100mm
Power Supply 110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ
Power Consumption 420W
Dimensions 375mm(W) x 330mm(D) x 890mm(H)
Weight 49 kgs

  • NO Accessories

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